State-of-the-art Equipment Used
Best Water Solutions has invested in the latest machinery available to increase speed of installation and also damage to the land or lawn.
We use a Toro Traxmaster TX5 Diesel for all of our below ground installations.
This is a small and powerful compact machine and being on tracks is stable on the flat and also on a slope.
The vibrating mole plough is designed to pull pipe and cable through the ground or lawn leaving minimal damage from 50mm MD pipe down to 4mm tube. Also irrigation and 12volt lighting and data cable unlimited length.
The chain trencher has tungsten teeth and cuts a 150mm trench down to 900mm. This is great for irrigation pipe and cable in those challenging Canterbury soils.
A back blade is used for the backfilling of spoil from the trencher also leveling and grading in those hard to get to places.
The 4in1 bucket has a multitude of uses from scraping high ground, soil and bark transfer especially on the hills, removing rubbish and rubble in those hard to get to places.
A fully equipped service van.
Only quality fittings are used.